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Choice stol ogrodje iz tikovega lesa (54505T)

Choice is an elegant and ultra-flexible chair allowing you to configurate it in countless ways to match your needs and demands, and alter it if your needs are changing. The coloured shells of Choice are produced from 98% recycled polypropylene and made from a zero-waste production. Grooves in the back ensures a dynamic flexible backrest and the open construction of the shell of Choice gives "airflow” and ventilation resulting in remarkable comfort. A consumer-centric design, where you can easily alter the design and function of the chair. The cover can be changed without use of tools, making it easy to clean or change to other covers. Additionally, you can change the function of Choice from a dining chair to bar chair by changing the base. Choice has endless of possibilities; use your creativity to design the Choice that matches your exact wishes and space. Choice is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Dolžina x Širina x Višina
54cm x 52cm x 65cm

Cena ne vključuje barskega stola in blazin, le to je potrebno naročiti posebej.

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