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Hyde Luxe senčnik 3x4m (58MA3X4Y504)

Create a cosy spot in the shade with Hyde parasol, and enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest even when the sun is at its highest. The Hyde parasol has a modern and timeless design. The pole is made of aluminium, but it also comes with an aluminium foil with a wooden look. This provides a natural touch to the parasol yet with the same low maintenance level as the other poles. The fabric is made from highly durable and UV-resistant materials, ensuring you can stay protected from the sun, while the colour will continue to look sharp for many years to come. Please be aware that we strongly recommend not to use the parasol during heavy wind.

Dolžina x Širina x Višina
400cm x 300cm x 278cm

Cena ne vključuje podstavka za senčnik, le tega je potrebno naročiti posebej.

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